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As a (SHE)eo owned company, we understand the beauty struggle. Being faithful followers of your favorite YouTube beauty cult. Becoming a product junkie in attempt to perfect your skincare routine. Marking your calendar with beauty challenges. We get it. That's why our team of bomb girls, just like you, came together to hand select body loving herbs from all over the world to serve you your beauty regimen in a cup. So here's a toast to killing off that "pretty hurts" myth and joining a beauty cult that's WAY sweeter.

I love, love this Hydration mist. I've also started to use it on my husband and son's locks.

Anneisha J. on Becky's Loc Hydration Mist

Do you see that glow ? I have nothing else on my skin. Yasssss!

Tiffany L. on Chai Tea Butter

I always  get complimented. My BF even thought I was wearing a high end perfume.

Rebecca N. on Jasmine Tea Scrub

Omg, these are soooo good!

Bryant G. on Vitamin Tea Bars